Ole Miss Answers NCAA

Ole Miss picked a great day to release its response to the NCAA’s notice of allegations. Releasing its response on the heels of the Baylor news that Art Briles is out as coach and on the Friday before Memorial Day is great crisis management strategy. Here is the “letter to the Ole Miss family” sent this morning concerning the school’s response to the NCAA Notice of Allegations. You can read it here.

Ole Miss agrees with the NCAA that violations occurred. However, for several of the allegations the school does not agree on all of the facts. Here is the Ole Miss response to the NCAA notice of allegations.http://athleticsworking.wp2.olemiss.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/7/2016/05/Clean-Copy-of-Response-5.26.15.pdf

One note, Ole Miss points out in the response that the school spent $1.5 million on its investigation. I’d still love to hear more detail from Laremy Tunsil about all of the things that came out the night of the 2016 NFL Draft. The NCAA will likely find a dead end there because Tunsil, who is now with the Miami Dolphins, doesn’t have to talk with the NCAA. So, we may never know anything more about what Tunsil was talking about.


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